Sure Code™ Inkjet Printers

Engineered for Reliability

Designed for industrial environments, Sure Code™ continuous inkjet printers offer easy operation and low maintenance, delivering exacting in-line coding and marking.

Reliable, Easy Operation

Sure Code™ printer technology has been proven for over 30 years in coding and marking applications, across the globe. Its advanced engineering offers a flexible, efficient system that delivers reliable performance in manufacturing environments.

  • Highly flexible user interface – customizable multi-color LCD touchscreen and chemical resistant keypad is easy to view in any lighting environment
  • Small footprint – compact, lightweight design fits in most any production line
  • Robust design features stainless steel cabinet that can stand up to harsh environments
  • Positive airflow keeps airborne containments out of the ink system
  • iModule™ makes in-house preventative maintenance easy
  • Self-cleaning nozzle for quick startup
  • Easy message changeovers with stored messages and multiple printing parameters
  • Multi-lingual interface capable of English and Spanish with varied fonts including Latin, Cyrillic and others

Efficient Printing Performance

Sure Code™ inks are exclusively formulated and manufactured in the USA by IIMAK for the highest performance. A variety of dye or pigmented inks are available to produce crisp alphanumeric text, graphics, and barcodes. With industry leading efficiency, the Sure Code printer automatically recovers solvent and consumes less than 30 watts of power.

  • Print speeds up to 1624 ft/min
  • Quick-release cartridges with color-coded caps are easy to change without interrupting printing
  • Automatically recovers solvents which reduces the consumption rate and overall operational costs
  • Intelligent ink system ensures that compatible ink and makeup are matched to the printer
  • 900ml cartridges offer extended use and fewer changeovers
  • Unique cartridge design assures virtually no wasted consumables
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption

Simple Service

Sure Code™ is designed for easy maintenance. In-house serviceability keeps your cost down and production lines up and running.

  • iModule™ is at the heart of the system with a service life up to 18 months. This unique component can be swapped out in a few minutes without any tools
  • Periodic maintenance can be completed by your operators or maintenance team
  • Factory trained technicians are available for installation and support
  • 24 month warranty

Simple preventative maintenance

Spill proof bottles

Easy-to-change cartridges

Self-cleaning printhead

Sure Code™ Printer Range


Sure Code™ 65
A workhorse printer designed for common 1 or 2 line printing applications at speeds up to 1230 f/m.


Sure Code™ 68
All the advantages of the 65, plus it prints up to 5 lines of text.


Sure Code™ 68P
Uniquely designed to handle high durability pigmented inks.


Sure Code™ 72
High speed printer capable of printing up to 5 lines of text at speeds up to 1624 f/m.